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The Mind Tune device helps 200 troubled individuals

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The Mind Tune device helps 200 troubled individuals – Motivational EXPERT and well-known activist, Dr. Azuraida Shahadan or better known as Dr. Azu is now looking for 200 individuals who have problems and want to change their lives to be the first testimonial of her invention device, Mind Tune.

The Mind Tune device helps 200 troubled individuals

The Mind Tune device helps 200 troubled individuals

According to him, the device will be given away for free to get feedback on its effectiveness after 30 days.

“We will screen applications. We will select 200 people to get the results after 30 days.

“The purpose is that we want to help anyone who is difficult, and want to prove that this device is able to help those with mental and family problems,” he said when met at the Mind Tune Relaxation Chat program at Hotel Seri Pacific, today.

Dr. Azu said the characteristics of individuals sought were those who lost the will to survive, but had the desire to change their destiny.

He said, in the device has been programmed with four types of therapy, namely day therapy; sleep therapy; morning and afternoon therapy; and therapy all the time.

Commenting further, he said, therapy every time is loaded with the music of brain waves, alpha, beta, and theta as well as binaural beats that can bring calm and reduce stress.

“To reprogram the brain to achieve what we want. For example, if you want to be happy, your partner can use morning and day therapy. Use sleep time for 21 days. Entering the 22nd day we will taste something else.

“Anyone who is interested in being one of the initial testimonials of this device can register on the website www.mindtune.com.my,” he said, who has more than 15 years of experience in personal, family, and organizational leadership.

Meanwhile, what is more, interesting is when it also contains the voice of singer Deja Moss through the zikir melody found in the device.

Deja Moss’s collaboration with Dr Azu through the invention of the device was triggered during the Movement Control Order (PKP) last year.

According to Deja, it all started when Dr Azu calmed her down and asked about some types of zikir that were often practiced before.

“Dr. Azu asked me to recite Asma Ul Husna. I must remember. That’s where our collaboration begins.

“Just like myself, after failing in my first marriage I lived in misery and hatred. Apparently, we have to change our minds so that the good comes, ”he said.

The Mind Tune device or better known as MIA (Mind Affirmation Device) comes specially with an exclusive white pack, charger and usage guide.

To facilitate the use of MIA, a popular motivational book entitled The Excellent Life Change Guide is also included to guide users.

In order to provide the best quality in the production of MIA, Dr Azu uses the voice of singer Deja Moss and is monitored with full quality by the popular vocal teachers, Cikgu Hajar. Get The Mine Tune here!

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