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XRP Will Reach $11400 When It TOKENIZES Every Asset Class In The World

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We have talked about digital transformation and how it is changing the world around us. Many new opportunities have arisen as a result of the huge transformation to a decentralized economy. From business interactions to everyday activities like grocery shopping, the digital revolution is transforming practically every facet of life.

With the introduction of blockchain, the world has moved a step closer to realizing the dream of a cashless society. Consider what would happen if assets were represented digitally as well. Now tokenization enters the scene at this point, but before we get to the article.

In today’s article, you will know that how tokenization of every asset class is possible and how this will take XRP to a whopping $11,400. You will also know about the value of XRP in the coming days. So, let’s start our article. As businesses, `sectors, and customers rethink their ways of working, the world of financial and asset management is transforming.

XRP Will Reach $11400 When It TOKENIZES Every Asset Class In The World

XRP Will Reach $11400 When It TOKENIZES Every Asset Class In The World

Beyond e-commerce, a digital transformation is taking place. This rapidly approaching digital transformation is reshaping society and will have a significant impact on all enterprises. Now you are aware of how digital transformation has resulted in new opportunities.

Tokenization is also a part of this. Many central banks have already launched their own digital currency initiatives in the form of the central bank’s digital currencies. Simultaneously digital business models are introducing real commodities as well as non-fungible assets in the form of blockchain tokens.

The influence of tokenization is undeniably reshaping the financial industry as a whole and businesses must be prepared for the transformation at all costs. Tokenizing assets could lead to significant shifts in how people invest in assets. Tokenizing entails creating a blockchain token, most likely a security token, that serves as a representation of a real asset that can be exchanged.

According to a document named The Tokenization of Assets and Potential Implications for Financial Markets from Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, OECD. The tokenization of assets involving the digital representation of real assets on distributed ledgers or the issuance of traditional asset classes in tokenized form is a core part of this is revolutionary potential. You know the importance of tokenization and how the blockchain is important for it.

Now coming toward the main part of the article, how is this all related to the $11,400 value of XRP? For that first take a look at this article.

But the world’s asset classes total $1.14 quadrillion with above ground gold at $7.7 trillion, global stock markets at $73 trillion, global money supply $90.4 trillion, global debt $215 trillion, global real estate $217 trillion, and derivative markets at $544 trillion. If the entire $1.14 quadrillion value of all asset classes was tokenized via XRP, that would require at least $11,400 per coin. This example clearly demonstrates the scale of liquidity that XRP is designed to..

Digitization of assets is a process in which the rights to an asset are converted into a digital token on a blockchain. Ownership rights are transmitted and traded on a digital platform. And the real-world asset on the blockchain are represented by digital tokens. What they are trying to show here in this clip is how the tokenization of all asset classes happens via XRP.

The value will reach $11,400 per coin. This is not far. In the coming years, we are going to see the asset class being tokenized. And this is the future. Dan Schatt, co-founder of Cred, a Peace Corps volunteer in Romania, a Citi banker in Senegal, a Callan analyst, and a PayPal executive, had once said, “I came to the conclusion in 2015 or so, is that everything is going to be tokenized.

Every asset class will be digitized and then tokenized. Look at the $8 trillion market for gold. More gold today is held globally as an ETF or exchange traded fund than as a bar of gold.”

RippleNet blog post by Asheesh Birla shared that they are evolving RippleNet for a tokenized future. With this increase in adoption, there’s a growing need for tokenization. The use of digital tokens to represent ownership of any type of asset, physical or non, on a blockchain.

Tokenization is transforming how people buy, sell, track, and manage assets, everything from art and real estate to intellectual property equities and supply chain goods. In fact, the World Economic Forum projects 10% of the world’s GDP will be tokenized by 2027. With our years of experience working with financial institutions or FIs on using blockchain based technologies, Ripple is uniquely positioned to partner with enterprises for that future.

There’s no question those who don’t embrace these new technologies will be left behind. Ripple is evolving. We’re expanding from a cross-border payments network to a platform providing tokenized services that will bring crypto capabilities to the enterprise and prepare them for a future where crypto is front and center.

RippleNet was initially built to solve the challenges with speed cost and transparency and cross border payments for those that have been grossly underserved by the financial system at large. Tokenization of class assets can prove as a game changer. Payment providers will be able to save cards using tokenization technologies, making recurrent payments incredibly safe.

It is the future and this can lead XRP to five digits of value. XRP was even designed for five digits. And this along with other factors, XRP is indulging into, can lead it to its dream and desired value. According to institutional investor, despite a year of economic uncertainty, financial assets, including bonds and other investment funds, globally reached a record $250 trillion in 2020 according to a report by BCG.

An additional $235 trillion was in real assets led by real estate ownership making up 48% of total global wealth. So, it’s not that assets have decreased during these two years, but rather there has been an increase. And if these asset classes are tokenized via XRP, that value can reach more than $11,400.

With the correct pace of XRP value, we can say that such huge values will be reached one day. So much is going on with the currency. And it is resulting in an increase in the value. Since December, 2020, the ongoing SEC Ripple lawsuit has influenced the price of XRP. The XRP army, a group of XRP holders, is leading the way, sharing updates on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s and Ripples executives’ actions.

Ripple had filed a motion with the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC to expose its workers’ crypto holdings, but the SEC has attempted to withhold this information. Employees’ cryptocurrency holdings are irrelevant to the SEC action against Ripple, according to the reasons for denial.

Furthermore, the SEC was granted access to Ripple’s Slack communications, which is expected to cost the global payments giant about $1 million in discovery. The largest holder of XRP is Ripple. As a result, the SECs anti-Ripple actions have had a direct and detrimental impact on the price of XRP for over eight months.

However, for XRP, the tide has turned as analysts have highlighted that the cryptocurrency has begun to gather steam. XRP has almost reached a dollar and a half mark, and now it’s all set to reach its all time high value. According to the FX Street, over the weekend, the broader cryptocurrency market, including XRP, surged in market capitalization confirming the uptrend that started in August, 2021.

XRP has posted nearly 20% gains over the past week and over 80% in the past month. Analysts have predicted a huge surge in this rally. And this ongoing rally will take XRP to $3 in the coming days. According to the coin market cap at the time of writing, the XRP price today is $1.40 cents USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $7 billion USD. XRP is up 8% in the last 24 hours.

The current coin market cap ranking is number six with a live market cap of $64.7 billion USD. It has a circulating supply of 46.5 billion XRP coins and a max supply of 100 billion XRP coins.

So guys, this is it for today’s article. I hope it could be a big help to you. What do you think? Well, the tokenization of class assets take XRP to $11,400 or even higher? Share your views in the comments down below.

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